Total Diş Protezi

It is the application performed in cases when there are no teeth in your mouth. It is a denture which is made of acrylic and stabilised by constituting vacuum power based on the bone tissue remaining in the lower and upper jaw and which completes the lack of aesthetics and functionality of the patient.

It is normally difficult to use it. There are various methods to improve the retention of the full denture. Retention is improved by applying two or three implants in patients at later ages. It should be replaced once every five years. It is inconvenient to use porcelain teeth in full dentures at the back side due to health reasons. Discolouring and erosion can occur in plastic teeth over time. It is therefore suggested that porcelain teeth be used at the front sides and acrylic teeth be used at the back molars. Special apparatus should be used to clean dentures sold in pharmacies.