Michael Mortimer 29.JANUARY.2015

İ am 62 years old and had not visited a dentist for over 30 years - İ was so frightened.

My teeth were black in the front and İ had had pain for a long time. All my friends kept telling me to go to the dentist - so İ went to see Halile - she was recommended to me by a good friend whom İ trusted.

Halile extracted 3 x teeth - gave me a plate for the top teeth - and 2 x teeth capped - as well as 2 x bridges - either side for the bottom teeth.

Throughout the whole process - she was very patient with me and very gentle - İ am very grateful to Halile and just wish now I had gone sooner. İ would highly recommend Halile to anybody - and İ only paid a fraction of the price İ would have had to pay in England.



Antalya Caddesi
No:44 Kat:1
Manavgat / ANTALYA




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